Fashion nowadays has made it much easier to express ourselves in the way we dress. Likewise, the way we can accessorise ourselves with jewellery has also given us plenty of opportunity to get creative too . 

Below, we’ve compiled 5 fabulous jewellery styling tips and tricks to help you wear fine and fashionable jewellery to compliment your sense of style, personality, and wardrobe to styling perfection!

1. Create Layers

Let’s start with something fun!

Sometimes, a single piece of jewellery just isn't enough to bring your outfit together. Layering your jewellery can make a creative statement that really sets your look apart.

You can create the perfect look by layering your necklaces, so your jewellery always looks chic and fashionable no matter what outfit you're wearing.

The key to layering necklaces is choosing pieces that vary in length. Start with a base chain (16-inch) necklace that will fall high on your neckline and compliment with a longer necklace (20-inch or more) to complete the look! A pendant necklace is a beautiful touch to complete the look.

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2. Hoop Earrings 

Every woman must have a set of hoop earrings in their wardrobe!  There’s a reason hoops have been around for centuries – they’re incredibly comfortable and go with everything. Hoops are empowering. 

If you’re looking for a bold style, go for medium or big round hoops which will help empower your look to the next level, giving a strong impression. The size of these hoops will bring attention to your face and combine them up with chic, trendy casuals.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a sleek and modern to look, we suggest shopping for hoops that have a bit of texture, geometric shapes to spice the style up a bit.

If you’re wanting a minimalist approach to jewellery that goes with daytime and evening outfits, small hoops are perfect! A great classy look which will make a great touch to any outfit without overpowering the style.  

 Viola Hoop Earring,   Avery Hoop Earring , Evelyn Hoop Earring

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3. Rings

Why do we have fingers? To adorn them with rings!

Some women prefer delicate stacking rings and some love chunky statement rings— and that's quite alright. Regardless of what type of jewellery you like to adorn your fingers with, you’ll always get that chic and cool girl look. 

Rings are fashion statements so why not try a couple of chunky, signature pieces!  

Left to right: Croissant RingLola RingHarper Ring
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4. Define the Focal Point of your Jewellery

Where do you want people’s gaze to be directed when you’re dressing up?

Accessorise more on the specific part of the body where you want people’s attention to go towards, such as neck, ears, hands etc.

If you’re wearing a bold necklace, then go for more subtle bracelets or earrings and if you want to draw attention towards your hands then go for signature and statement pieces and minimal earrings and necklace. 

5. The jewellery matches the occasion

Every occasion has some form of dressing which includes jewellery! Putting on the right pieces according to your outfit and occasion can completely transform your look. 

In a casual setting like brunch, catching up with friends, or enjoying the weekend, choose jewellery that you’re comfortable with that is yourself and makes you feel happy. You could also be playful and add a dash of texture, colour and personal touches like your birthstone. 

Each professional setting has its own rules however it’s usually best to lean towards minimal and modern jewellery. That doesn’t mean style has to go out the window! Simple jewellery such as chain necklaces or bracelets can still elevate your outfit while pairing them with some classic gold hoop earrings to complete the outfit!

It’s the weekend and it’s time to party or attend an evening event! If your outfit has a lot going on such as ruffles and busy prints, it’s best to keep your jewellery simple with minimal jewellery. Go for an understated pair of earrings and a bracelet so your outfit can do the talking!

On the other hand, if you’re outfit is chic and elegant, wear your beautiful statement jewellery. Try wearing big and bold earrings or show-stopping necklaces can do the trick. A party or an evening occasion is a great setting to show off your most fashionable jewellery!

If you're looking for inspiration or a place to start, I'd highly recommend checking the Lily Lily Jewellery website and Instagram page for some looks you'll want to recreate time and again.